Pedal Range

Rich Fuzz

The second pedal in the range & an established favourite with the new generation of recording & touring bands. Delivers vintage fuzz with huge sustain but with less noise than the original fuzz pedals. The wide range tone control allows extremes of treble or bass tonality. Definitely the benchmark cascaded gain stage NPN transistor 3-knob fuzz pedal. This is also a great pedal for recording distorted bass sounds.

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* all pedals are hand-wired, one at a time, in a roadworthy die-cast aluminium case and incorporate heavy-duty metal footswitches, clearly visible 5mm blue LED status indicators, and true hard-wired bypass [the RICH SWITCH series pedals incorporate several different LED colours for status indication][the RICH SPLIT does not include a footswitch]; all pots are full-size solid metal shaft; all jacks are Neutrik brand with chrome dress-nut and gold-flashed contacts, and/or Switchcraft [USA]; DC input connectors are barrel-style 2.1mm ID, negative tip;

* all prices Australian $ inclusive of GST/excluding shipping

* prices updated March 2007